New Staff Recruitment! Can you help make this site more awesome?!

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New Staff Recruitment! Can you help make this site more awesome?!

 New Staff Recruitment


Hi, I'm looking for new staff to help the site. I'm pretty flexible on what people can do since any contribution really helps ( so you could mod a bit, but also write etc) aside from myself DigitalBrute also works on the site, but I'm going to outline some key areas I'd really like some support in. But first a few things about the site:


VAUK – is a UK based amateur voice acting site, that said it's open to people from any country and pros are more than welcome to use the site. Our focus is providing support and community for AVAs and people who work with them or create their own multimedia projects. We write up tutorials, try and feature projects people have done, and provide a listing of voice actors and a forum. All of this is free to use, and is done as a hobby in my spare time. We try to be as friendly and supportive as possible.



The forum doesn't require too much work in some areas people are genuinely pretty good about posting in the right section so for now I don't think anyone considering being a mod has to worry about the messy side too much for now. What I'm needing right now from potential mods is for them to kind of act like leaders on the site, log on a regular basis even if it looks like there's not much going on (you're not expected to be on there all night...) , post interesting topics, reply to unanswered threads . You don't have to give hours and hours, but what I'd like to see is you using the forums in a positive was regularly. If there's a specific area e.g challenges that you'd like to take ownership of then great lemme know.





I see this probably folding in neatly to the mod position, but it's worth it's own section. Do you have a load of AVA friends? A super long twitter list? Can promote the site without being spamy or annoying? Have ideas for cool content for the youtube? Can run a VA challenge and get loads of entries? If so we want to hear from you! We've been working hard on the content and we want to make sure people can see it.



Do you listen to ungodly amounts of audio dramas ( pro or amateur?), know everything there is to know about recording software? Make machinima? Make Flash games? Read all the AVA news there is to read? Etc etc If you want to write, and you think your area of interest can be covered by the site let me know. Have a rummage through our old articles for an idea. Or perhaps there's stuff you'd like to write about that we don't yet cover? As above get in contact!

As above I don't require hours of dedication, but stuff on some kind of schedule that suits you. IF you have just 1 or 2 things you'd like to write about, I'm happy to accept one off articles without staff commitment too.


As I said above this is a fan site run for the love of it. I don't make money. This is all about creating a positive space for our hobbies, and having fun. Hopefully we all then get to be part of something cool and can enjoy ourselves. All I'm asking for is a bit of your time!

Are you interested if so private message me, e-mail or contact me via MSN at tell me a bit about yourself and what you'd like to help with and we can try and arrange a trial :)



 *mod bump* Joinuusss join

 *mod bump* Joinuusss join usss!

 id be interested in applying

 id be interested in applying for pr

 Thanks,OK ideally I'm

 Thanks,OK ideally I'm looking for people who will stick with the site, and/or are involved with AVA stuff, If you can DM or message me some info about yourself we can talk :)

Skype:  azureada


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