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Site downtime

Hi everyone,

You may have experienced downtime today, but that should all be over and the site is now ready with up to date software,

Please stop by and say 'Hi'

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Myna free to use online audio editor

Myna  is a free to use online editing suite.  You have to register, but the tool seems pretty solid, since you have to upload clips I wouldn't use it for big projects. What's nice is you can record using it, so if you often have to move PCs or use netbooks for example it might come in handy! Especially useful is thr fact that it's multitrack.


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We made another video!

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Interview with Julie Hoverson from 19 Nocturne Boulevard

 We conducted this interview earleir in the year but sadly the internet had other ideas and ate it. Thankfully though Julie found it so we can share it with you. Julie is the mind behind the excellent .

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How to fandub part 2 editing in TrakAxe

>1)It's been a while but let's carry on, after music the next thing you have to worry about it sound effects. As I said before broadly speaking there's two main effects types you'll have to worry about.

Action- Sound effects caused by actions in the scene, including footsteps

Ambient-Background noise such as birds, running water etc that set the scene.


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The Nationmaker

=13px>Voice-Acting is a crown jewel in the entertainment business; serving to be the main source of cartoons we see on our television sets, later evolved into animated movies, video games and to what we loved; Anime. We’re sooner to fall in love with these timeless classics and new-age improvements, only some of us can step in and demand they want to voice in one themselves. They got in a certain studio, voice in, and later managed to become official voice actors. While only some of them didn’t make the cut and went back to the drawing board.

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Hi everyone,

The Summer is almost gone,  but luckily we're here to beat away your winter blues.  There's a bunch of new auditions and projects on the site, and we're workig on some new site content. Now's the time if you haven't already to introduce yourself and join in!


Active auditions

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[ZHP] Naruto Shippuuden - Surprise Attack

Zero Hour Productions Presents:
Naruto Shippuuden - Surprise Attack

Well, at one point I thought I was never going to complete this thing. But finally I have. I can't thank my awesome cast enough for their great work!!  I always wanted to play a character as cool as Kakashi even though I probably would never get casted as him if I auditioned. And I believe he doesn't get much cooler in this clip heh.

Production Type: 
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New layout and friends list

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say I'm exerimenting with a new funkier layout. Hopefully it's cleaner and easier to read, stop by the forum say hi! and let us know what you think.

While you're there feel free to plug your own projects =D

We've also added friends lists to make the site a bit more interactive! Just find the add friends button on members profiles and add away!

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VAUK News #1

This is a bit of a test, so we can start sending out Newsletters so you can all keep up to date with our news.

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