27 year old creative, big fan of anime, animations video-games and more recently comics.

I'm a Lyracist/song-writer in my sparetime but also have a high interest in creative writing in which I am writing my own Digitilized Comic. I have always been told my voice is strong, therefore I would like to utilise it. I think voice-acting is something I would like to pursue as not only woul i feel its something I would enjoy but I can also learn the ins and outs for when my own stories are ready.

Preferred contact method: 
Anime, Digitilized comics or video game

Rachael Harrison

I am an actress and dancer looking to get my foot into the voice over world.

I have a soft yet strong voice. I often play roles such as Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Princess of France from Love Labour's Lost. My natural voice tends to be quite breathy which can work well with sexy or more feminine roles however I have been trained to be rid of the breathiness if required.

I have good comic timing and love to do comedy.

Preferred contact method: 
Email via the website

William Simpson

Played several characters throughout an audiobook for children written by Liz Rigby, with music by Olivia Thomas - 2013

DNA by Dennis Kelly (dark comedy) - Edinburgh Fringe 2013

On the line.

Grumpy Bunny Productions's picture

Grumpy Bunny Productions

Studio description: 
A small animation studio that works in 2D/traditional animation.

Kestryn's picture

Ronins Journey

Studio description: 
Casting Call

Created this production and am looking for voice actors. Here is the link :) All info is on there!


So, here yago ^_^ a list about me

1. I hate people who make lists
2. I love kumquats
3. I'm a liiiiiiittle bit mad...
4. I'm autistic and a brony
5. the point above does not necessarily mean anything... it is purely for social reasons
6. I dislike hypocrits

Preferred contact method: 
animations, brony related stuff, live action
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TheMilkyFlame Studio

Studio description: 
New animation group with a wide range of voices needed and serious potential

Me Me ME!

My Name is Daniel Craig (No im not James Bond)
I am 21 and i enjoy voice acting massively (check some of my youtube videos)
I am willing to audition for roles that are different and fun.

My favorite voices to do:
The Joker
Sonic the hedgehog

There are others but i cant think from the top of my head.

I look forward to working with people and trying out some new ideas 
Feel free to give me feedback on any of my works.

Thank you and have a good day! :)

Preferred contact method: 

Nicky Coales

I am looking for a wide range of oppertunites but I have an extra intrest in video games. 
My email -


Preferred contact method: 

Lupus Belial

Hey. I'm an amateur gothic/alternative model and aspiring voice actor - emphasis on aspiring.

My voice acting attempts best fit these types of character (apparently):
analytical realist
charismatic but manipulative antagonist
blunt and strong willed, but quiet and/or calm
anger or frustration kept behind a calm front
vengeful or self-righteous, with a plan for everything

and other similar types.

I'd really like to break into this talent, though I'm not what you'd call professional.

Preferred contact method: 
Email, please.
I'd love to play a handsome, dark and yet mixed up and unstable villain, or may an assassin.

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