Comedy means everything to me which is why I have landed on this website. I am leaning more towards voice acting and my dream is to work as a voice actor preferably in an animation role but I am very open minded about my work and would consider any type of voice over work.

I have qualifications in Business and a degree in Construction/Surveying.

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The Facebook Murderer - Peter Chapman

Zach Murfitt

I am a 19 year old male that would love to become a voice actor.
I enjoy gaming, basketball and cartoons.
I did GCSE and A Level Drama and won an award in outstanding commitment in express arts at Northallerton College. 

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I would love to voice a main anime character
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Bourne Visual Effects

Studio description: 
Small Animation Company

I am Nick Lambourne an animator and special effects artist in charge of my own small company, Bourne Visual Effects.


As I'm new to the whole thing, I'd be more than willing to try any and everything to improve.

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I would love to be in an animated comedy in any role.

Aron Rodriguez

My real name is Arron White, but for acting purposes I'll go by Aron Rodriguez.

I'm 19 years old, from Yorkshire, England. I hate my regular voice, which is why I adopted different accents to sort of alter how I talk; the result is odd and inconsistent.

My accents that I act with are a lot more consistent than my regular voice.

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My Voice

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Poppy Baker

My stage name is Poppy Baker 
I am 18 years old and have an English accent 
I have experience in all areas of performance and voice acting including: Hosting a small local radio station; Recording educational songs/pieces; local stage performances; short films; hosting a talent show and producing. 

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Priscilla Girl(s)
Role name: 
Role name: 
Role name: 
Role name: 
Role name: 
Fairy Godmother
Role name: 
Role name: 
Role name: 

Corey Jay Davison

I have been told I portray creepy and sinister characters very well, both physically and vocally.

I have played the part of Krogstad in A Dolls House for my A level assesments which I atempted to mimic the voice of 'Cam Clarke' when performing. This gave the character a well spoken manor to his voice yeta sinister tone at the same time, which I felt suited the character and the scene perfectly.

I also used a voice similar to Quinten Flynn when he voices Kaelthras Sunstrider from World of Warcraft
when I plays the part of Hans, a pimp running opperations in a brothel for a play I wrote.

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Chris Bryan - Voice Actor

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