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Poppy Baker

My stage name is Poppy Baker 
I am 18 years old and have an English accent 
I have experience in all areas of performance and voice acting including: Hosting a small local radio station; Recording educational songs/pieces; local stage performances; short films; hosting a talent show and producing. 

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Priscilla Girl(s)
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Fairy Godmother
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Corey Jay Davison

I have been told I portray creepy and sinister characters very well, both physically and vocally.

I have played the part of Krogstad in A Dolls House for my A level assesments which I atempted to mimic the voice of 'Cam Clarke' when performing. This gave the character a well spoken manor to his voice yeta sinister tone at the same time, which I felt suited the character and the scene perfectly.

I also used a voice similar to Quinten Flynn when he voices Kaelthras Sunstrider from World of Warcraft
when I plays the part of Hans, a pimp running opperations in a brothel for a play I wrote.

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Chris Bryan - Voice Actor

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Shadowwitch Wolfy Flowerheart

I take singing and flute exams and make machinima in my free time. I also am part of a youth theatre company (Act II), where I do acting and singing, as well as performaces on stage.

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Daniel Masters-Bond

Hi. My name is Dan Masters and I am a voice actor. I am fairly new to the industry but I am learning fast. I have recently completed some work which will be available for me to share soon. I cover many voices and styles. I have a home studio to record my work in so I can send over audio pretty quickly. 

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27 year old creative, big fan of anime, animations video-games and more recently comics.

I'm a Lyracist/song-writer in my sparetime but also have a high interest in creative writing in which I am writing my own Digitilized Comic. I have always been told my voice is strong, therefore I would like to utilise it. I think voice-acting is something I would like to pursue as not only woul i feel its something I would enjoy but I can also learn the ins and outs for when my own stories are ready.

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Anime, Digitilized comics or video game

Rachael Harrison

I am an actress and dancer looking to get my foot into the voice over world.

I have a soft yet strong voice. I often play roles such as Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Princess of France from Love Labour's Lost. My natural voice tends to be quite breathy which can work well with sexy or more feminine roles however I have been trained to be rid of the breathiness if required.

I have good comic timing and love to do comedy.

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Email via the website

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