Buffy the Vampire Slayer " The Necklace" by Buffy Animations

  • Posted on: 5 June 2011
  • By: Azure


 It's been a while since our last review, so we take a look at Buffy the Vampire slayer animation “ The necklace.”


“The Necklace” is a fan animated Buffy story, we've not seen many Buffy projects around here so it made a welcome change. Buffy is out doing a hard night's slaying, when she dusts a vamp who happens to have a very rare necklace on him.

The stand out thing about this animation is the fight sequences, the accompanying video shows that these have been rotoscoped from live action footage. This extra effort really shows, and really lifts the action up.

The sound and dialogue are a little basic with character’s such as Buffy sounding pretty much as you'd expect her too, where as Giles and Xander sound very different. Sound effects and music are similarly basic but functional.

It's a little raw, but with many fan productions it's love that counts. A pitch for a official Buffy cartoon went around at one point, but aside from a pilot it never got made; seeing this again reminded me of that. I genuinely look forward to part two, because it's evident a lot of care and effort has gone into this production. The making of video is also well worth a watch

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