Looking for Voice Actors to audition for Halo Ohio, (Deadline November 1st)

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Unfortantely this website does not like my post for some reason as it will not allow spaces between my paragraphs no matter how many times I edit, I am sorry but hopefully it isn't too bad.

Hi I'm Jake Holden, the writter and director of the new halo machima production Halo Ohio.

Halo Ohio is a halo machinima that attempts to acheive the a film like production with currently a team of five animators and two musical composers with the aim to produce 12 episodes, production has currently began.

Here's an outline of the main storyline in case you're intrested.

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Newbie to VA.

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 Hey there.

I'm quite new to VA, I've been interested in it for a while though ^_^

I've never actually done any proper voice acting but I'm interested to get involved now. I mainly do Anime girl voices, I know some people have commented on my Chibi Usa voicing for Cosplay event but that's pretty much it. I'm working on less Anime-y roles too.

So... hey!